This is the main wiki page of the Support Area for the users of this Redmine installation. You can find responses to the most frequently asked questions below, with links to more specific help topics. If you need more information about how to use the Redmine forge, please ask over in the forums. If you have a problem, we would appreciate it if you reported a support issue before posting about it in the forums.

How can I register?

Please contact the system administrator (Antonio García-Domínguez) through his email at the University of Cádiz.

How can I get a project?

Once your account has been activated, you can apply for a project through the support forums, or through email to antonio dot garciadominguez AT uca dot es. We need the following information:

  • Title, description and short ID (8-12 letters, no punctuation, lowercase).
  • Whether it should be public or not. Everyone can read the contents and checkout the repository of a public project. However, only authorized project members can edit the contents of a project and commit to the repository.
  • User account of the project manager.
  • Modules to be enabled.
  • Version control system: currently Git and Subversion are available. By default, all projects get a Subversion repository.
  • Whether a continuous integration Hudson task should be created or not, if using Maven for compilation.
  • Whether Sonar code quality reports should be generated, if using Hudson.

What can I use in a project?

Projects can enable or disable these modules:

  • Issue tracker
  • Time tracker
  • Documents
  • Files
  • Forums
  • News
  • Version control repository

In addition, project managers can create subprojects without asking an administrator. Nevertheless, Git repositories need to be created manually by the administrator.

If you use Maven for compilation, you can also apply for a Hudson task, for continuous integration and Sonar code quality reports. Our Hudson server is available here and the Sonar reports are here.

How do I use my version control repository?

Please check the article that applies to your project:

How do I find out the short ID of my project?

The short ID is part of any URL which references the project in some way. Check the URL for substrings such as /redmine/projects/(my short ID)/, /svn/(my short ID)/ or /git/(my short ID).