Nexus upgraded to 2.9.0-04, Jenkins upgraded to 1.565.1

Added by Antonio García Domínguez over 3 years ago

A periodic update has been performed for Jenkins and Nexus. For details about bug fixes and new features, see their release notes:

Redmine upgraded to 2.4.2, UCA LDAP is supported

Added by Antonio García Domínguez about 4 years ago

Redmine has been upgraded to version 2.4.2, adding many features and bugfixes.

Among them, LDAP support has been added. Existing users wishing to authenticate against their University of Cádiz LDAP credentials should modify their Redmine username to their "u + National ID" LDAP username, and change the authentication method to "LDAP UCA".

Nexus upgraded to 2.7.1-01

Added by Antonio García Domínguez about 4 years ago

Nexus has been upgraded to version 2.7.1-01, which corrects an urgent security vulnerability among other bugs:

Nexus upgraded to 2.7.0-04

Added by Antonio García Domínguez about 4 years ago

After running into some "out of memory" issues with the existing 2.3.0 installation of Nexus, the instance running in Neptuno has been upgraded to version 2.7.0. This version fixes many bugs and requires Java 7, as Java 6 went EOL on February 2013.

Continuous integration server available

Added by Antonio García Domínguez about 7 years ago

A Hudson continous integration server is now available at

The Hudson server also has Sonar installed for generating code quality metrics. Reports are available at

If you'd like Hudson or Sonar for your project at this forge, please contact the administrator.

HTTP access to SVN closed

Added by Antonio García Domínguez over 7 years ago

Since last Monday, HTTP access to all Subversion repositories has been cut off for security reasons. Subversion repositories are now only available through SSL, using the same URL but with the https:// scheme.

To upgrade your working copy of the SVN repository in the project with short ID project-id, there are two options:

  • Create a new working copy from scratch:
    svn co
  • Relocate your existing working copy to the new address:
    svn switch --relocate

NOTE 1: project-short-name is the short ID string for your project. For instance, all pages of the User Area project contain "/userarea" after "/projects", so its short ID is "userarea" (without quotes).

NOTE 2: older GNU/Linux distributions might not trust the TENERA SSL certificate used in this site. You will have to tell Subversion to permanently trust this site's certificate in that case.

Updated instructions for Git

Added by Antonio García Domínguez almost 8 years ago

Installation instructions for Git have been updated with more useful Debian packages, and the old link to the OSLUCA education area (now seemingly closed off to visitors) has been replaced with a link to Antonio García-Domínguez's collection of Git resources. A link to a Bash shell script for installing Git automatically from sources in Debian-based systems has also been added.

Server upgrade: Redmine, SVN and Git

Added by Antonio García Domínguez almost 8 years ago

After 2 years in service, this Redmine instance has been updated from version 0.7.3 to 0.9.3, due to security, correctness and performance issues.

Some of the most notable new features (see the official changelog for more details) are:

  • Improved support for Git
  • Non-admin users can create projects and/or subprojects if granted permission to do so
  • Password reminders
  • Projects can be arbitrarily nested
  • Search across several projects at once
  • Set watchers when creating an issue
  • Users can have multiple roles assigned to them
  • Wiki pages can be hierarchically organized

In addition, Subversion has been updated to version 1.6.5. Among many other improvements, Subversion 1.5 introduces easier merging (see this article) and Subversion 1.6 adds file externals (see the SVN book). For more information about using Subversion in this forge, check the Subversion article in the wiki.

There is now full integration with Git, using the new smart HTTP protocol. See the Git article in the wiki, this manpage and this discussion thread for more details.


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