Takuan NetBeans Plugin

You can test your BPEL compositions directly on the Takuan Virtual Machine from the console. But also you can use a plug-in developed for the NetBeans IDE.

Please note that it is only a frontend: you will still need a working installation of Takuan.

Download NetBeans Plugin (77.2 KB)

Before installing

To install Takuan NetBeans plugin you need a NetBeans installation with WS-BPEL project support. At this moment you can download it in a bundle from this URL: https://open-esb.dev.java.net/Downloads.html

Setup instructions

Run your NetBeans instalation, and click on the menu Tools / Plugins. Select the tab "Downloaded" and click on "Add plugins". In the next dialog, select the NBM file you have downloaded.

Then, select the package "Takuan_NetBeans" and click on "Install".

Just follow the wizard to get the plugin installed.

Running instructions

To execute the pluging create a BPEL project (you can find a tutorial inside Netbeans BPEL guide ). You'll see a new (disabled) button in your toolbar showing Takuan logo.

Then create all the necessary files for the BPEL process definition (.BPEL, .WSDL, etc). If you have those files already creted you can copy them to <path_to_project_directory>/src (copy there the test suite BPTS file too).

Click on the .BPEL file. You'll see that Takuan button gets enabled You can click on it and follow instructions to run Takuan.

You'll get Takuan results in a new tab in your project, named "Takuan Output"


Check that your Takuan installation is listening in the set port

For example, if you are using Takuan VirtualBox image, check that ~/.VirtualBox/Machines/TakuanVM/TakuanVM.xml file contains these two lines:

&lt;ExtraDataItem name="VBoxInternal/Devices/pcnet/0/LUN#0/Config/guestweb/GuestPort" value="8080"/&gt;
&lt;ExtraDataItem name="VBoxInternal/Devices/pcnet/0/LUN#0/Config/guestweb/HostPort" value="8080"/&gt;

In this case, the URI is that one by default

Check that Takuan servlet is properly installed

You can download Takuan servlet from http://neptuno.uca.es/svn/sources-fm/src/Takuan_Server

Its a NetBeans project, so compile it

You have to download source code with

svn checkout http://neptuno.uca.es/svn/sources-fm/src/Takuan_Server/

Open the Netbeans project in the Takuan_Server folder just created

Then right-click on the project and Resolve references:
saxon9.jar is in ~/bin/saxon9
saxon9-dom.jar is in ~/bin/saxon9
bpelunit.jar en ~/bin/bpelunit
instrumentador_bpel.jar is in ~/takuan/bin
xercesImpl.jar is in ~/bin/tomcat/shared/lib or in bin/apache-tomcat-5.5.26/shared/lib/xercesImpl.jar

Indicate server details: Tomcat 5.5, default catalina home is <your_base_directory>/bin/tomcat5 username admin, password adminadmin

When it's compiled, you'll get a "build/web" subfolder inside project folder. Just copy that subfolder to the /opt/tomcat5/webapps/ subfolder (of your virtual machine or native installation) renaming it to "takuan"

After that, inside /opt/tomcat5/conf/Catalina/localhost/ file create a file called "takuan.xml" with the same content:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>
&lt;Context reloadable="true" displayName="Takuan Server Servlet" path="/takuan"/&gt;

Restart Tomcant and that's all.