Takuan Contributes to Daikon

Added by Manuel Palomo Duarte about 3 years ago

We are glad to announce that the Takuan invariant suppression module has been integrated into Daikon core.

Using this module, Daikon can received in its input a file containing a list of "already known" invariants. Then, during its execution it will not check them, saving time and providing a more accurate output.

Takuan version 2.0 available

Added by Manuel Palomo Duarte about 5 years ago

New improvements, optimizations and some bugs fixed!

Download from

Version 1.0 available

Added by Antonio García Domínguez almost 8 years ago

Version 1.0 of Takuan has been tagged in the main source area. To install it, download its installation script to any directory and run the following command from there:


This script has been tested with Ubuntu 9.10 and openSUSE 11.0.


Also available in: Atom