Takuan is an open-source WS-BPEL dynamic invariant generator which can infer invariants from WS-BPEL process definitions by generalizing from a set of samples of their data and control flows. It leverages modified versions of the ActiveBPEL WS-BPEL engine, the Daikon dynamic invariant generator and the BPELUnit unit testing framework.

For more information about Takuan (including download) check our wiki or contact Manuel Palomo

Takuan has been legally registered in the "Registro Territorial de la Propiedad Intelectual de la Junta de Andalucía" with the code: CA-76-10

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Takuan Contributes to Daikon
We are glad to announce that the Takuan invariant suppression module has been integrated into Dakion core
Added by Manuel Palomo Duarte over 3 years ago

Takuan version 2.0 available
Takuan version 2.0 available for download
Added by Manuel Palomo Duarte over 5 years ago

Version 1.0 available
Added by Antonio García Domínguez almost 8 years ago

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