MEdit4CEP is a model-driven solution for real-time decision making in Event-Driven Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA 2.0). Its main aim is to make domain experts' tasks of defining both event patterns – situations of interest to be detected – and alerts for real time notification easier, hiding all implementation details from them.

More specifically, this solution is composed of a model-driven approach for Complex Event Processing (CEP) in SOA 2.0 together with both a graphical modeling editor for CEP domain definition and a graphical modeling editor for event pattern and action definition as well as code generation. The key feature of the event pattern editor is its ability to reconfigure itself for different CEP domains, modeled by domain experts. The fact that the editor can reconfigure the tool palette dynamically from different CEP domain models allows users to enjoy a graphical interface adapted to the specific context required.

This is a novel solution for bringing CEP technology closer to any user, positively impacting on the decision making process.

Further information about MEdit4CEP can be found at https://ucase.uca.es/medit4cep/


Jefe de proyecto: Juan Boubeta Puig