• GAmera

    GAmera is an open-source WS-BPEL mutation testing framework which uses genetic algorithms to reduce the number of mutants required.

    We are currently working to release the first stable version of GAmera soon. If you want to get further information you can write an e-mail to: juanjose.dominguez [at]

  • IoT-TEG

    IoT–TEG (Internet of Things–Test Event Generator) is an Open Source Software, which automatically generates a wide variety of events for the testing phases of any event-processing program, using a user-friendly method, to obtain a solid and reliable CEP system. IoT–TEG is a Java implemented system, and can be used from the command line....

  • MEdit4CEP

    MEdit4CEP is a model-driven solution for real-time decision making in Event-Driven Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA 2.0). Its main aim is to make domain experts' tasks of defining both event patterns – situations of interest to be detected – and alerts for real time notification easier, hiding all implementation details from them....

  • MuCPP Mutation Tool

    MuCPP is a mutation testing tool for the C++ programming language. The tool includes class-based and traditional-based mutation operators which are applied using the Clang compiler. MuCPP is not subject to a framework testing so that you can use your own test suite....

  • MuEPL

    MuEPL is a mutation testing tool for the Event Processing Language (EPL) of EsperTech programming language. Given that the EPL of EsperTech is base on SQL, the tool includes SQL mutation operators and the specific mutation operators of the EPL of EsperTech. MuEPL is divided into four components: capturer, analyser, mutant generator and execution system. MuEPL is not subject to a framework testing so that you can use your own test suite....

  • NRP

    Research: The Next Release Problem. In collaboration with the Software Systems Engineering Group of the University College London (UCL).

  • PFC

    Proyecto raíz para todos los Proyectos Fin de Carrera alojados en esta forja.

  • PTAC

    PTAC (Passive Testing with Asynchronous Communications) is a passive testing tool developed by Azahara Camacho Magriñán and Inmaculada Medina-Bulo from UCASE Research Group of Universidad de Cádiz and Mercedes G. Merayo from Universidad Complutense de Madrid....

  • Takuan

    Takuan is an open-source WS-BPEL dynamic invariant generator which can infer invariants from WS-BPEL process definitions by generalizing from a set of samples of their data and control flows. It leverages modified versions of the ActiveBPEL WS-BPEL engine, the Daikon dynamic invariant generator and the BPELUnit unit testing framework....

  • SODM+T

    This project hosts the source code and documentation for the SODM+T toolset which assists the SODM+Testing model-driven SOA methodology. SODM+Testing extends the SODM methodology developed by the Kybele research group with testing aspects. For installation instructions, please check the wiki....

  • User Support Area

    Support area for the users of this forge. Please post any problems or questions about the forge itself here.

    Zona de soporte para los usuarios de la forja. Por favor, envíe cualquier problema o pregunta que tenga sobre la forja aquí.

  • WS-BPEL Composition Repository

    Repository of WS-BPEL 2.0 process definitions, based on various sources. Each process definition includes the XML Schema and WSDL files required to run it.

  • WS-BPEL Testing Tools

    This project hosts the source code repository and wiki for the Takuan, GAmera and other WS-BPEL testing projects developed inside the UCASE research group of the Computer Languages and Systems Departament of the University of Cádiz.

    • Eclipse Update Site

      Project for access control of the DAV area which will host our Eclipse update site.

    • muJavaRobot

      A small Java agent that allows for automatically invoking the muJava mutation system for generating and running mutants.

    • UCASE fork of ActiveBPEL 4.1

      Unofficial fork of the GPL-licensed source code of ActiveBPEL 4.1, with modifications made by the UCASE research group. Some minor bugs have been squashed and the code has been Mavenized.

      The repository also contains an updated version of the PLASTIC release of the Dynamo monitoring platform. It is located in the "dynamo" branch. Installation instructions are available in the included README-DYNAMO.txt file....

  • Coverage-Based Quality Metric

    The definition of quality metrics to estimate the mutation operator effectiveness can help us identify the most valuable mutation operators and, eventually, a subset of operators providing a similar performance than the whole set.

    The Coverage-Based Quality Metric aims to value mutation operators depending on their usefulness to refine a test suite. The novelty of this quality metric is that it tackles the coverage of the test suite, as not all the mutants are executed by all the test cases. This metric works under the following two assumptions:...

  • XMLEye

    Generic XML-based data-driven pipelined document viewer, with support for ACL2 3.x proofs, YAML files and BPELUnit XML reports.

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