HTTP access to SVN closed

Added by Antonio García Domínguez over 7 years ago

Since last Monday, HTTP access to all Subversion repositories has been cut off for security reasons. Subversion repositories are now only available through SSL, using the same URL but with the https:// scheme.

To upgrade your working copy of the SVN repository in the project with short ID project-id, there are two options:

  • Create a new working copy from scratch:
    svn co
  • Relocate your existing working copy to the new address:
    svn switch --relocate

NOTE 1: project-short-name is the short ID string for your project. For instance, all pages of the User Area project contain "/userarea" after "/projects", so its short ID is "userarea" (without quotes).

NOTE 2: older GNU/Linux distributions might not trust the TENERA SSL certificate used in this site. You will have to tell Subversion to permanently trust this site's certificate in that case.