Welcome to the Redmine forge of the Software Engineering department of the University of Cadiz. We host code and documentation for some of our projects. Please check the project list for more information. If you need help, please come over to the User Support Area.

Bienvenido a la forja Redmine del Departamento de Ingeniería Informática de la Universidad de Cádiz. Aquí se aloja código y documentación para algunos de nuestros proyectos. Si necesita más información, consulte la lista de proyectos. Si necesita ayuda, visite el Área de Soporte.

Some of the projects hosted in this forge include:

  • MuBPEL, a mutation testing tool for WS-BPEL 2.0.
  • Rodan, a test case generation tool based on a genetic algorithm for WS-BPEL 2.0.
  • SODM+T, an extended version of the SODM methodology assisting users with performance requirement design and testing.
  • Takuan, a dynamic invariant generator for WS-BPEL 2.0.

Latest news

Takuan: Takuan Contributes to Daikon
We are glad to announce that the Takuan invariant suppression module has been integrated into Dakion core
Added by Manuel Palomo Duarte over 3 years ago

User Support Area: Nexus upgraded to 2.9.0-04, Jenkins upgraded to 1.565.1
Nexus has been upgraded to 2.9.0-04 and Jenkins has been upgraded to 1.565.1.
Added by Antonio García Domínguez over 3 years ago

User Support Area: Redmine upgraded to 2.4.2, UCA LDAP is supported
Added by Antonio García Domínguez over 4 years ago

User Support Area: Nexus upgraded to 2.7.1-01
Added by Antonio García Domínguez over 4 years ago

User Support Area: Nexus upgraded to 2.7.0-04
Added by Antonio García Domínguez over 4 years ago

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Latest projects

  • IoT-TEG (02/01/2018 11:53 AM)

    IoT–TEG (Internet of Things–Test Event Generator) is an Open Source Software, which automatically generates a wide variety of events for the testing phases of any event-processing program, using a user-friendly method, to obtain a solid and reliable CEP system. IoT–TEG is a Java implemented system, and can be used from the command line....

  • MuEPL (02/01/2018 11:44 AM)

    MuEPL is a mutation testing tool for the Event Processing Language (EPL) of EsperTech programming language. Given that the EPL of EsperTech is base on SQL, the tool includes SQL mutation operators and the specific mutation operators of the EPL of EsperTech. MuEPL is divided into four components: capturer, analyser, mutant generator and execution system. MuEPL is not subject to a framework testing so that you can use your own test suite....

  • CAC++ (01/16/2017 05:41 PM)
  • TFG Pablo Tena Sanchez (07/13/2016 11:58 AM)
  • Coverage-Based Quality Metric (06/02/2016 10:55 AM)

    The definition of quality metrics to estimate the mutation operator effectiveness can help us identify the most valuable mutation operators and, eventually, a subset of operators providing a similar performance than the whole set.

    The Coverage-Based Quality Metric aims to value mutation operators depending on their usefulness to refine a test suite. The novelty of this quality metric is that it tackles the coverage of the test suite, as not all the mutants are executed by all the test cases. This metric works under the following two assumptions:...